Welcome to the NEURO DUNGEON – your perfect warring subspace!
Escape deadly traps, outsmart opponents and dominate the battlefield to prove your worth! 


Hesitant to slay enemies on the field of war? 
Unready to make sacrifices in the name of victory?
Come here anytime to simulate any kinds of battle situations!

Your opponents aren't real anyway, so don't feel too guilty.
Kill them to progress further into the dungeon.
Kill them to grow stronger and hone your skills.
Kill them to unlock new playable classes.
Killing is the only option, really.


WASD/arrows - movement, 1-2-3 - skills, space - end turn.  
C - change equipped skills (only outside of battle).   
Enter/esc - confirm/deny choice. 
You can always check out the HELP menu in-game.


Yanrishatum: code
Shess: everything else  
Toxic Game Jam 2 entry (theme: war)
Can alternatively be played here (self-host) 

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